Drew Smith D.O.M., The Tortoise Clinics’ Medical Director:

Graduated from the Tai Sophia Institute (TSI), the oldest and only Middle States accredited acupuncture school in the United States. The education at Tai Sophia is unique in several ways, one of which is the fact that it is the only school that forces its students to study Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine separately. The curriculum is 5.5 yrs. instead of the usual 3-3.5 yrs. This is important to you the prospective patient because you can rest assured that our physician has been fully steeped in both of the major traditions of Chinese Medicine instead of trying to learn two huge fields at the same time.

Since graduating from TAI, Drew has studied extensively with some of the most famous practitioners of the modern era including a two year clinical rotation course with Lonny Jarrett, the most famous practitioner of 5 element acupucture alive today. Drew has studied with Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest and chinese medicine master. He has spent multiple hours with Li-Chun Huang, the world’s leading authority on Auricular Medicine. Dr. Huang has treated the Presidint of China, the President of Italy as well as Fidel Castro. Currently, he is studying with Susan Johnson, a direct disciple of the most revered acupuncturist in American history, Miriam Lee.

Yoshiko Smith,

Yoshiko hails from Tokyo, Japan. She and Drew met while in undergraduate school while in their early twenties and have been together ever since. She works in the herbal dispensary at the clinic and greets each patient with a caring smile.

A lover of plants since childhood Yoshiko enjoys both watching herbal medicine change lives and working in her ever-expanding garden at home. When not at work she can usually be found researching plants online, walking in the woods or perhaps enjoying some live music here on the emerald coast.

Michele Yoshikawa,

Originally from Michigan, Michele has lived in the Emerald Coast area since 1992. She first came to the Tortoise Clinic as a patient and was immediately taken with the peaceful atmosphere.

It wasn’t just the success of the treatment that kept her coming back but also Drew and Yoshi’s gentleness and genuine caring. She loves the positive energy and serene feeling at the clinic and hopes to provide the same experience for everyone she comes in contact with.

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